still Alive
A 2D Multiplayer
Platformer PVP
Survival Game


Create your own individual
post-apocalyptic Survivor
using an extensive character editor.

Ranger, Outlaw or Military freak
it's up to you! You can unlock new skins
as you progress through the game.


Still Alive is a competitive multiplayer
online game. With 9 rival players you race
against time. You need to find weapons
and medicine to increase your life-span.

Conflicts between players are inevitable.
Try to survive!


However, other survivors are not your
only problem. During the day it might seem
quiet - the illusion of being safe and
secure comes easily.

But beware of nightfall! At night, the
Screetchers crawl from their hide-outs,
mutated humans, bred by the Nexolth
race for one purpose only: hunt and kill!

“From the beginning on, nobody had expected the world to ever be the same again. Not after that devastating catastrophe.
But it was much too late when we finally understood the full extent to which our world had changed.

After the meteor shower, Earth was left in havoc. Lands were desolated and our entire ecosystem was down the drain.
But people did what humans have done since the dawn of time: they started to rebuild everything that had been destroyed.

Hope began to bud in the hearts of the humans, but it lasted only a few years.

It started with rumors, stories of people disappearing and strange creatures roaming in abandoned areas. Unfortunately, the rumors became reality soon enough, and with reports of strange deaths happening worldwide, they had to make it official: An alien life form had hitched a ride on the meteorites. It had arrived unnoticed on our beloved Mother Earth, and had spread all over it without any resistance.

Scientists have named the alien species “Nexolyths“. There is no worse enemy imaginable: the Nexolyths are micro-organisms thinking and acting in a collective. As if that wasn't enough they are capable of bio-engineering any living species. This means they are able to enter any organism and alter it to their liking. That is how the Screetchers were created...

Screetchers are former human beings, taken over by the Nexolyths and then changed into wild, dangerous beasts, who have the sole purpose to hunt and kill.

That is the enemy we are facing. As I say “we“, I mean the little of the human population that is left, scattered and looking only after their own survival. I have seen things... the most frightening and cruel things possible. And I have heard of even worse things happening elsewhere. I myself have killed to survive. And I will do it again, if that is what I have to do.

I am a survivor. I am still alive.“